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Connecting Consumers with Businesses and Causes in ways that benefit all since 1974!

Our Mission
To enrich the lives we Serve with Compassion, Respect and Integrity. We are continually working to grow our members, improve our Customer reach and support as many deserving Causes that we are able. —John T. Carr, Founder

Our Programs Support Several Causes
Millions of dollars have been donated to charitable Causes through our Estate Planning Seminars, Real Estate and Affiliate Programs.

List of Causes

Charitable Causes Served
See a partial list of our Estate Planning donation records through our Church sponsored Estate Planning Seminars.

Donation Records

Our Business Listings
Businesses listed on this site offer quality Products and Services at competitive prices. In addition to having their Business listed on our site, they have agreed to promote awareness of CGF Free Estate Planning Seminars and Real Estate Referral programs. These programs support Causes all over the United States. We encourage our Cause-conscious community to shop and support our listed Businesses. —It's a win-win!

Business Listings

A Message from the Founder of CGF
The Charitable Giving Foundation (CGF) has been making a difference since 1974 (over 40 years). Our concept stems from a deep seeded responsibility to leave this world a better place.

Our innovative programs are designed to help improve the ways charities (Causes) are funded, create customer loyalty for Businesses, and allow committed citizens (CAs) to help Causes and receive compensation for their efforts.

On 12/01/2017 we implemented our new mobile-friendly site. CGF programs have been refocused to maximize our giving potential to Causes, while simplifying the use of our programs for all involved. These new technologies include the ability to self-maintain your listings, unique links directly to your listing with tracking for your promotional efforts.  On behalf of our whole team... Thank you for considering our programs! 

—Together, we CAN make a difference!

How CGF Helps Raise Funds for Causes and Churches

The Charitable Giving Foundation has been instrumental in generating over one-hundred million dollars for Churches and Orgainizations using our Financial and Estate Planning Program.

  • Our Estate Planning Educational program costs nothing to your church or organization, or your invited guests.
  • Our Financial and Estate Planning Seminars can be viewed on-line at the viewers convenience.
  • All we need is your help in promotion by using a link we provide. See Free Registration
  • Watch our 90 second promotional video which can be promoted through your email marketing campaigns, on your website, social media and even during a Church service. Remember is only 90 Seconds! 
  • The promotional video invites individuals to a complementary (FREE no sales pitch) one hour online Financial Educational seminar.
  • The seminar includes a downloadable financial worksheet and complementary Financial Consultation with a qualified financial and estate planning attorney.
  • Again, there is NO sales pitch, however we will ask if they have considered including your Church or Organization in their financial plans. 

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Wikipedia: "CGF was the First Known 'Cause Marketing' Organization in the United States!"

CGF has donated millions of dollars to Causes through our Estate Planning, Real Estate Referral and Affiliate Programs. We encourage you to shop with our listed Businesses who also support these Causes. CGF Cause and Business listings receive ~100,000 unique site visits/yr helping our members to get found on the Internet!

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Local and Online Businesses

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