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Arts and Culture:

Child Assistance Programs:

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Theresa Showalter

Rene' Couch

Craig McClain

Bruno Serato

Phyllis LISE

Babita Jagnanan

Linda Weldon Director

Bob Solomon-Drake Founder/President

Jennifer Trubenbach President

Jeri Wilson Executive Director

Rob Andrews

Laura Griffin CEO

Dennis Kolb Founder

Margaret Jackson Executive Director

Sherita Herring Co-Founder

Barbara Tomlinson President/Director

Ray Antocicco

Jessica Knopp Development Director

Dr. Gwendolyn Smith Founder

Douglas Walz Director

Brooke Adams-Ferguson Founder

Cynthia Kersey President

Faith-Based Organizations:

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Patricia Nugent

Kathy Larsen

Jennifer Hayes

Jason Huebner

Dr. Mark Richardson

David Holmes EVP/COO

Dr. Rock Moore Pastor

Michael Silverman CEO

Dr. Linne Burget CEO

Marshall Horn President/CEO

Eric Heard Pastor of Stewardship

Meditation Mount Office

Joe Eelkema Gift Advisor

Renee Corcoran Executive Director

Bob Holmes One Man Volleyball Team

Keith Page Chief Executive Officer

Donna Schuller Co-pastor

Cheryl MacKinnon Controller

Larry Feldman Messianic Rabbi

Dan Lindblad Office Manager / Secretary

Charles N. Patrick Founder

Justin Rupple Associate Pastor

Phoenix Eyre Executive Director

William Eavenson Pastor

Marshall Foster President/Founder

Jenna Shawver Founder

Dr. Yan Venter

Health and Medical Research:

Human Services:

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Kevin Graham

Brian Roquemore

Linda West-Conforti Founder/CEO

Theresa Showalter Marketing Director

Rene' Couch Founder

Anita Casalina

Devon Dougherty

Craig McClain

Lisa Moss

Kenneth Newell

Thomas Sutter

Bruno Serato

Teresa Smith, LCSW Executive

John T. Carr Founder

Ryan Rogan

Tom Park

Phyllis LISE

Cindy Adrien

Katarina Thornhill

Babita Jagnanan

Claire Vinet Volunteer

Celia Sproule Leader

Wayne Walker President / CEO

Brian Hazelgren CEO

Jeff Keith

Tom Park CEO / Owner

Linda Weldon Director

Lisa Elzy Watson CEO

Sarah Pizzaruso VP of Marketing and Development

David Kekich

Maria Crockett Executive Director

Jennifer Trubenbach President

Ryan Burris Chief Relationship Officer

Tammy Mannning

Brad Dacus President and Founder

Jeri Wilson Executive Director

Tyler Anderson President

Ross Hanchett President

Josh Schuman President

Roy Schnell Parent

Rob Andrews

AJ Rounds

Dennis Kolb Founder

Harold Allen Jr. Founder/CEO

Margaret Jackson Executive Director

Sherita Herring Co-Founder

Major Kyle Smith General Secretary

Christina Morgan Executive Director

Cathleen Plager Executive Director

Celeste Gleave Founder / Executive Director

Jessica Knopp Development Director

Dr. Gwendolyn Smith Founder

Douglas Walz Director

Kali Smith CEO

Douglas Luffborough, III Founder/Executive Director

Linda Scheck Director of Development and Donor Stewardship

Elizabeth Eckman

Cynthia Kersey Founder

Fran Mainella Co-Chair

Richard Birmingham Owner

William Brown Servant for Education

Susan Aguilar CEO

Siamak Tabibzadeh President

Military Related Causes:

Religious Outreach Ministries:

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Leroy Seat

Chuck Stecker

Peggy Van Deren

Dan Wooding

Newell Stickler

Ken Armstrong

David Yerry

Dr. Mitch Glaser

Katherine L. Saigeon

Wes Neal

Daniel Schreck

Curtis Carter CEO

Mike Duggins

David Komarnicki

Douglas Hamp Pastor

Daniel Watts

Daniel Okabe

Tera Shatsky

Don Nourse

Jennifer Wilkins

Janelle Keller

William Becker

Prapai Wanalrbkam

Charley Blom

Sandra Morgan Director

Eric Bezko Founder

Keith Page Founder

Answorth Moitt Reverend

Yubin Chang President

Garry Ansdell Senior Pastor

Andy O'Neil Operations Manager

Michael Silverman CEO

Chuck Parise Director of Operations

Ronald Zaucha Founder

Steve Wiggins Founder

Alan Pearson

John Ungureanu President/Founder

Bob Solomon-Drake Founder/President

Ken Konecki Senior Partner

U.S. Lausanne Committee

Rocky Malloy President

Dan Harris Executive Director

Ken Unger Executive Director

Justin Davis Vice President

Lucinda Erickson CFO

Gordon Berry President / Pastor

Ed Mc Clements Director

Dustin Manis

J. Arnold

Greg Myers

Roberta Heck Chair Person

V. Glen Megill President

Ron Keller Bible Study Teacher

Aldo Vides Outreach Specialist

Warren Olson President

Jesse Allen Board Member

Geri Beck Major Gift Director

Dr. Elsie J. Odom Founder/Director/Counselor

Larry Pyle President

J.D. Bennett Missionary Church-Planter

Jon Couch

Gregg Harris Chief Operating Officer

Gwen Patrick Founder

Robert Ricciardelli

Connie Giordano Founder and President

Justin Davis Project Coordinator

Dr. Ken Phillips

Matthew Schulte Executive Director

Animal Rescue Wild and Domestic - Conservation - Zoological: