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Please use the following form to select a Cause to receive a donation from your purchase(s). 
Note: Contributions to a Cause are paid net *90-days. You will receive a confirmation email as your receipt.

For step-by-step instructions see: 

Selecting a Cause Selecting a Cause (1260 KB)

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The information below is used to permit us to validated your purchase and calculate the proper % contribution. All purchases are validated with the Merchant.
     For a single item purchase fill out ONLY the Merchant, Date and Amount and select a "Cause"

     For multiple item purchases fill out the Merchant, Date and Total Amount and include your receipt using either the FILE or PASTE option. 

CAUSE SELECTION (Used to identify Your Cause to receive a contribution)
Please chose ONE Cause ONLY. We have separated the categories to make this quicker and easier to find your Cause.


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