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How Does the CGF Program Work?

Summary Overview 

  • All charitable Causes must be screened and approved by CGF before they are eligible to receive donations. 
  • Approved causes are listed on the CGF website under "Approved Causes And Charitable Organizations."
  • All Merchants have agreed to report leads and sales that come from the CGF website.
  • Customers are responsible for notifying CGF to direct donations to their favorite Cause. A form has been added to make this process easy and tractable. "Select Your Favorite Cause"
  • Certified Associate that brought in the Merchant or the Cause are compensated based on the Merchant reports and the Cause selected for payout.
  • Causes are requested to provide a "Missions Report" to explain how funds were used to benefit their mission. This will also be reported on the CGF website to provide feedback to our valued supporters.

CGF How Causes Can Benefit

An Introduction to Launching the Charitable Giving Foundation benefits...for approved CAUSES

Once your Cause is approved by the Charitable Giving Foundation (CGF)...your Cause has set the stage for the unlimited generation of funding for your Cause! From this point forward… The entire success of your fundraising efforts depends solely on your ability to introduce, educate, and promote the Charitable Giving Foundation to your Cause and the supporters of your Cause. Since 1974, the Charitable Giving Foundation has created and developed an unmatched "income generating" vehicle for Causes.  It has the power to generate the critical funding that may be required for any Cause to continue their efforts!  It is now up to you...and your drive this proven vehicle as fast and far as you desire.                                         

The Driving Force:

WHAT IF... your membership and supporters could have a portion of what they spend on every day, household purchases go to assist your approved, charitable cause, non-profit, or faith-based organization?

HOW DOES...your approved Cause launch the Charitable Giving Foundation within your group or organization?

First...each Cause was introduced to the Charitable Giving Foundation by a Certified Associate (CA).  This CA has been trained by the CGF to work with the Cause to assist in the introduction, education, and effective, ongoing promotion of the Charitable Giving Foundation's program to its supporters.

Second...working with the CA... the Cause will determine the best strategies for the initial launch...and then the best and continuing methods for keeping the CGF "top of mind" when the supporters have reasons to make purchases from CGF Merchants that could financially benefit the Cause.

Third...again working with the CA... the Cause's leadership will learn the processes and procedures that they will share with their supporter so the supporter's purchases made through the CGF are directed to correct, supporter selected Cause. 

Keys to success with the Charitable Giving Foundation...

  • ...Get involved NOW!
  • ...Have a "high impact" launch of the CGF for your Cause!
  • ...Create an effective, ongoing promotional program!
  • ...Continually revisit the benefits of the Charitable Giving Foundation with your supporters!
...Work diligently with your CA to improve all aspects of your Charitable Giving Foundation experience!             

How are Sales and Payout Tracked?

All Merchants have agreed to report leads and sales that come from the CGF website. CGF Certified Associates and third-party Merchants with "Affiliate Programs" use affiliate codes (unique ID links) to track customer activities. When someone clicks on a CGF (CA Link or Merchant Affiliate Link) this action is recorded either in the CGF system or Third-Party Merchant system. Note: All purchases via third-party Merchant websites or walk-in sales are reported and tracked via those Merchant partners as these cannot currently be tracked automatically outside of the CGF system. We are working on developing POS/ECH capabilities for automated tracking, accounting and payouts. More to follow on this as soon as we have more news.

We are continually working to grow our Merchant members, improve our customer reach and user experience, and support as many deserving Causes that we are able. CGF has several exciting projects currently in the works; we'll be making these public over the next couple months.

We encourage you to review the many products and services provided on our website! This is a wonderful way of supporting Charities in need! 

In HIS and your Service,
John & Donna Carr, Co-Founders

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