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Zero Carbon Alliance

Zero Carbon Alliance

Home Utility Reduction & Offsetting
Michael Renzi, Executive Vice President & Co-Founder

5000 Birch Street,  #6000
Newport Beach, California 92660

Phone:        (949) 250-9200

Zero Carbon Alliance (ZCA) provides the products and tools for homeowners, apartment residents, and businesses to reduce their monthly utility consumption and costs. ZCA provides the products and tools for every American to reduce their utility consumption, without requiring large up-front costs or affecting their lifestyle. By each of us reducing our consumption of energy and water helps America reduce its consumption of toxic fossil fuel, and wean her from dangerous dependency on foreign oil.

The ZCA products represent an opportunity for every American to reduce their utility bills 10%-30% each month. These specially selected remedial repair products are designed as a do-it-yourself fix in and around the average home or apartment to conserve and reduce wasted energy, and water consumption. ZCA products are Water Sense Partner and Energy Star approved to reduce waste. In addition to utility reduction ZCA offers both businesses and residents the same carbon footprint offsetting instruments the United States government buys to meet all mandated and voluntary compliance reduction requirements to their carbon footprint. These instruments are "Renewable Energy Certificates" (RECs), which directly support the growth and development of clean green energy into our national power grid for every American to draw from through their current utility provider. ZCA now makes available for all American's to support the growth and development of renewable clean green energy without the initial up-front cost of installing solar or wind power on your property. The support of sustainable green energy creates green American jobs, boosts our economy and will pave the road for abundant low cost energy for our children's future.

Zero Carbon Alliance is providing these products, tools, and instruments to you at below retail costs, and will rebate to your selected charity the marketing costs it normally pays the media to advertise ZCA. Join the Alliance and ZCA will also send you a rebate for every friend or family member who buys utility reduction products or reduces their carbon footprint with ZCA "Renewable Energy Certificates". Just click on the link to order and find out how you can become an Alliance member to support our grassroots organic movement to help America reduce its use of toxic fossil fuel and her dangerous dependency on foreign oil ... for us and for our children's energy future.

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