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Rene Ramirez

Vaults of Fortune™

Rene Ramirez, Founder

2401 Trask Avenue
Santa Ana, California 92706

Phone: (714) 415-9997

Collectors all over the world love to view their treasures. Because these often irreplaceable items represent years of work and the discerning eye of the collector, such treasures deserve to be viewed; yet they must be secure. What is the sense of having a collection if it must be hidden from the world? Currently, there are no truly secure options available to collectors who want to showcase their treasures. 

Vaults of Fortune™ solves this problem by combining a quality showcase and an ultra-secure safe. The beauty of exquisite artistry and craftsmanship combined with the impenetrable safety of Guardian Angel Lock Technology™ is finally here!

At Vaults of Fortune™, we can produce a customized one-of-a-kind vault with the most beautiful artistic details as well as the highest possible security.