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Daily Defense For Today's Unhealthy World

We are bombarded every single day with potential threats to our health: an endless number of new virus strains in the air, bacteria contaminating our food, parasites in our water, etc. Add to that the growing number of man-made threats to our health. These may come in the form of toxins in our air, pesticide residues in our food and hazardous chemicals spilling into our water supply.
Where can we go for help to combat this malevolent onslaught to our health? To the jungles of the Amazon Rainforest! In the Amazon there is a saying, “Every plant has a purpose.” We find some of the best immune-system balancing plants in nature nestled within the Amazon Rainforest. And, let’s face it: Without our immune system we would simply be defenseless!

We at TriVita are actually a “whole person wellness experience” company. This means we have our priorities straight, focusing first on you as a person, and only second on our products. This is why we offer you the 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness – it’s an important, scientifically-backed guide that can dramatically boost your well-being and thereby help you live life to the fullest.

Products for Wellness

Amazon Herb™
Formulated with prized ingredients from the rainforest, our Amazon Herb line of nutritional and skin care products can help you experience greater wellness!

Foundational Nutrition
Help revitalize and sustain every aspect of your health, on a daily basis, with these key products.

Targeted Nutrition
For all of these needs and more, we have a full line of over 30 different products targeted to help you. Simply click on any product’s listing below to order or learn more about it.

Weight Loss
We have the most advanced weight loss system on the market. It features three distinct choices, which you can take separately or all together for optimal weight loss and extra savings.

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