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The 4 W Program (Alkaline water)

The 4 W Program

Wellness, Wealth with Water

Dr. Robert C.K. Lee
22532 Formentor
Mission Viejo, California 92692

Phone:    (949) 655-1663

The 4 W Program - Wellness

“As one gets older, being able to wake up each morning is a blessing.
Being able to wake up each morning and have “Wellness” is priceless!!”

Our body is a miracle machine! It is made up of about 70% water and about $5.00 worth of chemicals. How it works is a mystery. It does not come with a user’s manual. As a result, we often take better care of our cars than our own body. Our body consists of around 70 to 100 trillion cells most of which die and are constantly being replaced. As we grow older, the replacement lags behind. This is especially true when we abuse our body with the wrong food, wrong drinks and wrong mental attitude. As a direct result of these wrong choices, we become obese, overly acidic and disease ridden and cancer is knocking at the door.

Vibrant Life and Health

Have you ever noticed that when some people walk into the room, the room lights up, while others leave the room and the room lights up?  Why?  The reason is that some live a “vibrant life” and contribute positive energy to others, while others are constantly complaining and sucking energy from others.  No one likes sour grapes, we like sour raisins even less!

The question is how to have vibrant life? I have set up this new website: to discuss and share positive ideas with others. I do not claim to be an all-knowing guru, I just want to share ideas with like-minded people so that we can try to light up the world together! Won’t you join me?

Now, “Vibrant Health” is the other side of the same coin. It is difficult to have one without the other. Living a vibrant life does not mean that we’ll live forever; no human has ever done that. Even Jack LaLanne died at 96!  However, the average life span of Americans is only 78.4 years, what is an extra (18) good years worth? I personally have many college buddies who died at 40, 50 and 60 years old, many at the prime of their career. I also have friends in their eighties who can no longer handle their normal body functions nor recognize their own children or close friends. These are wealthy and successful people, what would they be willing to do to have a few more good years?

I am in my 80’s now and we have celebrated 53rd wedding anniversaries. The reason I mention this is because we are both cancer survivors. I had colon cancer in 2008 and my wife spent most of 2006 in the City of Hope hospital with AML (Acute Myelogenous Leukemia). This was a wake-up call for us. Thank God that we are both in full remission now and enjoying vibrant health. Many of our friends and acquaintances cannot believe it. God has indeed been gracious.  In this website, we will share with you what we have found and what works for us.

For more infomation, please go to: 1. . 2.; . If you are interested in further research, kindly e-mail me at or call me at:9496551663 and I will provide you with more references. In the mean time, you can also try this water for free! (Dependent on the area of availability.)