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Corporate Telephone Bill Reduction and Monitoring

TBRC Cost Recovery, LLC

Yosef Rabinowitz, Managing Director

575 Lexington Ave. #1910
New York, NY 10022

Phone: (212) 231-4727

More than 90% of the business and non-profit phone bills that we've looked at since 1994 were for more than they should have been, mainly due to billing errors, services not ordered and/or well-above-market pricing. We're experts at identifying these situations and correcting them, to make sure that your organization doesn't pay any more than it should for telephone and internet service. In 2013, we secured a refund of nearly $12,000 for a small non-profit that was being taxed for a non-taxable service over the course of several years. And, going forward, we typically save our clients 15%-50% vs. what they were paying BEFORE we were brought in, often without even having to change carriers. 

Imagine what we can do for YOUR business or non-profit. How much money is hiding in YOUR bills? For a billing examination, we work with businesses and non-profits that spend at least $2,000 per month and we only get paid if we successfully recover refunds from the past or save you money going forward. Whatever we recover and/or save, we split with you 50/50 for the first 24 months (and we only bill you AFTER you've actually received the refund and/or saved the money). After that, 100% of the savings is yours to keep. In addition, 40% or more of our share will go to your designated charity via CGF. 

We also offer telephone and internet services, representing more than 20 service providers. If your organization is starting up, moving into new space, needs faster internet or you simply want to upgrade an old phone system, we can help you find the right system and carrier for you at the right price (even if you spend less than $2,000 per month). 

Here's how we can help:
  • Avoid falling victim to confusing bills and deceptive marketing.
  • Get assurance that your organization will always pay the right amount even when the bill is wrong.
  • Eliminate the need for you or your staff to spend any time checking the phone bill.
  • Expert advice — have an expert on your side who knows all the tricks of the trade and how to make sure that the phone company doesn't take advantage of you.

Call today for a free consultation. (212) 231-4727