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Stellar Research

Valorie Valencia, PhD, Founder & CEO

PO Box 51676
Phoenix, Arizona 85076

Phone:       (480) 818-6881

Businesses currently have several ways to measure customer satisfaction but have no way to measure product and service effectiveness. Stellar Research provides a hybrid, science-based marketing platform that lets businesses, and their customers, measure product and service effectiveness in collaboration with each other.

Stellar Systems are designed to bridge the gap between subjective testimonials and objective, double-blind, clinical trials. Stellar results are far more valid than testimonials but not as rigorous, or as expensive or as time consuming, as full-blown scientific studies. End customers are incentivized to take a fun, engaging, three-minute quiz both before and after they try a product or service. They instantly receive their quiz results, personalized advice based on their scores, and a clear call to action based on their scores. The business is immediately notified if a customer does not have a positive before-after experience so they can make it right.

The collective before-after results, certified by an objective third-party, Stellar Research, can be used by the business to promote and fine-tune their offerings, with their Stellar Rating eventually posted on Google, Amazon, Yelp and other sites to differentiate them from their competitors.