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Internet / Social Media

SplashPlay, Inc.

Thomas Banks, CEO

27525 Puerta Real, Suite 100-114
Mission Viejo CA 92691

Phone:      (877) 286-9003 x 102

SplashPlay’s Social Gaming Fundraising strategy represents a fundamental change in the current cause marketing paradigm. The underlying objective of SplashPlay is to provide Fundraisers a mechanism to engage their supporters to provide financial support as a result of game play. In doing so, the more game play that is encouraged, the greater the amount of “cost free” financial support for the Fundraiser.

SplashPlay’s Social Gaming service is available to fundraisers free of charge and provides the following benefits:
  • CAPITAL: Guaranteed 40% Banner Advertising Revenue Share.

  • ENGAGEMENT: SplashPlay’s trivia/quiz game engine empowers the Fundraiser to educate, engage and entertain its sponsors. 

  • LOYALTY: SplashPlay’s integrated loyalty system provides a mechanism to encourage and reward loyal participation as a SplashPlay Social Gamer. 

  • OPPORTUNITIES: SplashPlay’s unique real-time deals/offers/message feature enables the Fundraiser to deliver any message it desires from digital coupons, video clips and announcements to its supporters.