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Rich Howdle, Distributor

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SocalZing Product Introduction Video
SocialZing was formed in 2011 when its founders recognized the synergy between social media, prospecting and conversion solutions. Initial technology solutions were soon launched and demand for such began to swell.

Since then, SocialZing has grown to become a leading provider of integrated technology solutions focused on helping agents and organizations invite, present, and convert contacts into new customers. This web-based system includes social media management, online presentation system, lead capture and Facebook Page generator, Video E-mail Marketing System, Text Marketing Platform... and a drip marketing system!

Headquartered in Bedford, PA. SocialZing has more than 10 years of research and experience in social media and over 35 years in software development and hosted services with many satisfied customers. Our exclusive capabilities allow organizations to accelerate growth leveraging social media and its ability to expand reach and exposure.

"Mojo" Yes we have a formal mission statement, or as we call it, our 'mojo' statement. It is: "We deliver the world's best technology to help our users accelerate growth through the power of social media." Along the way we also have a lot of fun, and that's part of what you get as a SocialZing customer.