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Job Placement & Executive Search

Snyder & Associates 

Executive Search Firm

Denise Snyder, President
PO box 9803 
Newport Beach, CA 92658

Phone:      (949) 922-1995

Our mission is to empower your success by delivering exceptional professional service
with honesty and integrity that takes your business or career to a higher level of excellence.

Founded in 1995, the basis of the business plan was simple…set Snyder & Associates apart from their competition by providing a higher caliber candidate and unequaled service. We achieved this goal by developing a candidate driven database that is over 95% referrals. Previous candidates refer their family members, personal friends and co-workers, and clients also refer their business associates. We take great pride in identifying the most suitable match for both client and candidate, as opposed to focusing on simply making the placement.


Snyder & Associates assists individuals to discover their true potential and secure the best possible environment for their growth and development.

Exclusive Recruiting Partnerships are a key element in distinguishing Snyder & Associates from other search firms. What this means to you, as a candidate, is that these positions will only be found within our database as opposed to the newspaper, Internet, etc.

Confidentiality Is Held In The Highest Regard since a vast number of our candidates is presently employed. Snyder & Associates ensures the utmost discretion when presenting candidates’ resumes to clients ultimately providing you the peace of mind that your career search will not jeopardize your present employment.

Thorough Knowledge Of The Orange County Marketplace and keeping informed of the market trends and industry standards allows Snyder & Associates to skillfully negotiate the best possible compensation package for candidates. You can be confident that our many years of experience in negotiating are working hard for you.

Resume Assistance is provided to ensure that your skills and qualifications are presented in the most professional manner.

Interview Coaching is provided to ensure that you are completely prepared for the entire interview process.


Snyder & Associates' high standard for screening candidates assures your company a competent and qualified employee. People are the most valuable resource in business and make all the difference in a company's ability to achieve its goals.

Personally Interviewed, Screened And Reference Checked
by our capable staff is another aspect that sets Snyder & Associates apart from other search firms. You can be confident that our candidates have the attributes you are looking for.

Candidates That Are Exclusively Represented By Snyder & Associates provide a unique quality that distinguishes our firm from others. This gives clients an opportunity to attract the more “passive” or “selective” job seeker – rather than candidates who have been on the market for an extended period of time.

100 Percent Guarantee that accompanies a Snyder & Associates candidate gives clients security and peace of mind. When you hire from Snyder & Associates we will replace a candidate (within the designated period of time) as long as the invoice is paid within the parameters of the Fee Agreement.