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Real Estate Horizons

Real Estate Horizons

Don Rosenbloom, Owner
10230 N. 24th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85028

Phone:     (602) 331-0777

Don Rosenbloom has a real estate broker’s license since 1970.  His expertise is in industrial, commercial and investment properties.  Don was invited to President Gerald Ford’s Inaugural Dinner Party as one of the best real estate entrepreneurs in America.

Don with his wife and partner Sally have formed Limited Partnerships.  They find real estate all over the world.  Don treats all real estate as a business.  It has to be profitable or it’s not a good investment.  He wrote the course: “Buying and Selling Businesses for the Arizona Department of Real Estate.  Don has the ability to be a top negotiator for you.

A highly motivated individual, Don has taught large groups of people how to be successful in an endeavor.  This experience allows him to find you the best real estate transaction.  He analyzes the income, expense and appreciation potential of each property before he gives his decision.  As a heating, cooling and air filtration engineer, Don is able to check a building for green environment potential.  Don designed air flow for the clean rooms in the semi-conductor industry, as well as operating rooms in hospitals.  Don will do his best to provide you with the appropriate and optimal real estate whether you are buying or selling.

Don and Sally have spent their lifetime helping less fortunate people in both a community and on a worldwide scale.  They have both served as board members of large organizations raising huge amounts of funds to help educate and house children of all ages around the world.

Another good reason to use our services is that we will make a contribution to the Charitable Giving Foundation and they will send a Donation to your Favorite cause.

We have known John & Donna Carr for over 40 years and can attest to their desire to generate as much funds as possible to charitable organizations and worthy individuals.  We have worked together on various projects and share common values.  We are excited to be part of the CGF team and Inner Circle and look forward to making a difference in people’s lives.