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Lillian Walker, CEO

Organo Gold Coffee

Lillian Walker, CEO
Huntington Beach California 92647

Phone:       (714) 794-5626

Do you or someone you know drink coffee at least occasionally?
Do you like it black? Or with Cream and Sugar?
What is your favorite brand?
Do they currently pay you to drink their coffee?

I am expanding our Coffee Business into the Southern California Market and am developing a leadership team. WHAT IF... This is your once in a life time opportunity? Things happen for a reason, there is a reason you are reading this right now. You have been asking, you have been seeking and now you are finding.                                      

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If what you see and hear makes sense, it makes sense to call now (714) 794-5626.
IF YOU or SOMEONE YOU KNOW is interested in buying coffee

Has 135mg of Caffeine
Most Coffee has ph of 5.5 (acidic)
Raises Blood Pressure
Coffee Jitters, Anxiety Attacks, Heart Palpitations
Provokes Headaches
Can lead to with drawl Symptoms and caffeine crash

100% Certified Organic Ganoderma -Improves circulation, reduces inflammation, provides energy
9mg caffeine and 7.3 -7.5 pH neutral
Rehydrates and natural detoxifier, Strengthens & Boosts Immune System
Oxygenates Body, Increases Brain Power, Focus & Concentration
No Jitters, No anxiety, No Caffeine Rush
Improves sleep quality & Boosts Stamina