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Moxxor Antioxidants (nutrition)

Moxxor Antioxidants

Robert DeCoster, Regional Distributor

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Life is about your health, and your ability to enjoy a quality of life that allows you to enjoy your family, activities, friends, and feeling  vibrant and full of energy to care for your business and lifestyle.

Most disease processes are caused by INFLAMMATION  & OXIDATIVE STRESS. The goal of NATURAL supplements is to help your body reach optimum  balance.

INFLAMMATION is responsible for most disease processes, and today's diet (rich in omega6 / fast foods, etc.) has created a state of constant inflammation within our bodies. Inflammation effects everything from our joint pain, mental  processes, coronary disease, asthma, skin diseases, and keeps the body from properly healing.

OXIDATIVE STRESS is similar to the rust, that destroys metal, or an apple half that is left uncovered, and turns burn.  Your cells (every cell in your body) is attacked daily by free radicals (the 'bad' guys)  from the food we eat to the air we breathe.  Free radicals attack,and weaken the cells, and allow the cells to be attacked by disease processes.  Oxidative stress has been shown to be a cause of CANCER.   Have you, or do you know anyone who has had CORONARY BI-PASS, or STENTS.  By-pass patients, and stent recipients are vulnerable to oxidative stress, causing closure of the blood flow.  After the age of 20, our cells start to gather more free radicals, than they can eliminate, and this becomes the cascade of the aging process.  You can now reverse the oxidative stress level of your cells by 40% to 75% or more clearly help your cells to the oxidative stress level of a 20 year old.  80 is the new 20!

Please,  take a few moments to visit our websites, and see how these products can change your life, and the life of family and friends.  Share this information with others, with your doctor, and those that can receive relief from the disease process that is stealing their life.