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Tom Zip Zibton, Owner

Medical Energy Health

Tom Zip Zibton, Owner
4417 Longleaf
Garland, Texas 75042

Phone:       (469) 556-7007

Get the meds out of the medicine cabinet. Revolutionary Tech that communicates with the body. "I have not taken allergy medication or aspirin/ibprophine for almost 3 years!! My eyes stopped watering, nose stopped running, eyes stopped itching STOPPED SNEEZING!!! LIFE CHANGING FOR ME Our energy product has helped 260 children get off medications listed in the Elite "index medicus" Journal!!!"


CieAura's Holographic Technology has been proven and published inside the Index Medicus, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine Journal. 

CieAura has introduced a series of holographic chips that communicate with the body to help promote proper balance in several areas of interest to all human beings: deeper rest, energy, allergies, libido, relief from discomfort and weight management.

The holographic chips are actually small skin colored patches that are infused with specific formulas designed to balance the body when placed along energy sensitive points of the body called meridians. Some call the holographic chips and the results like acupuncture without the needles. The chips are applied like stickers to the skin so nothing enters the body and they are completely non-intrusive. The science behind the chips is solid and proven, but the best proof is the results tens of thousands of people around the world enjoy each day.