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Market America


Jo and Rich Phan, Owners

Phone:     (714) 474-5060


Jo and Rich Phan are pleased to present to you the Market America “MALL WITHOUT WALLS” shopping portal. Through this site you will be able to purchase from any of the 2,500 MA Branded products and earn 2% to 35% cash-back on your purchases! There are high quality supplements, to anti-aging, cosmetics, skin care, personal care, home care, garden care, automotive, weight management and much, much more!

You can also earn 2% to 50% when you shop through the mall to all of your favorite shopping sites such as Barnes & Noble’s,,,,,,,,,,, and more than 3,000 other stores with over 50 million products!

You get to save by using the Coupon Codes that you will find when you browse through our Partner Store listing at the Portal and there are 12,000 daily hot deals that you can search for that lowers your shopping. You can shop smart by using our comparison shopping engine to compare offers, hot deals, prices and cash-back offers so that you can maximize your spending dollars.

Further, when you refer your friends and family to shop through this site, you also get 1/2% referral fees of their shopping!

When Foundation of Charitable Giving members go through this shopping website to shop for products and services at the portal, the Charitable Giving Foundation will receive up to 50% of the profits when MA Branded products are purchased. In addition, Jo and Rich will also donate 100% of any cash-back referral fees of members’ shopping!

!IMPORTANT! Temporarily until we have our shopping cart configured.

Before shopping, please do two things:

  1. Register at
  2. Send us an email to to let us know you have registered  from CGF (this website).