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Halle Joy Collection (Christian)

Halle Joy Collection

Steve Slaughter, President
1201 W Magnolia Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas 76104

Phone:         (817) 832-1935

Halle Joy is a different kind of company. All our products are inspired from the Greatest Story ever told.....bring scripture to life. From our beautiful designs, we give a portion of every sale to help spread JOY around the globe. Our brand takes you from Genesis to Revelation, from Creation to Glory.

Halle Joy is based on Collections that tell a Story. Stories sell, stories unite, and stories create loyalty!
Our Collections tell the story of: Eden: God's Creativity and Love for mankind Noah: God Created the animals Indescribable: The Heaven's Declare His Glory Grace: Love and Forgiveness Hope: Salvation Virtue: The Spiritual Fruit Journey: Our Great Commission to spread Joy

Through the beautiful products, we enhance the spiritual, physical, and mental beauty that God gives us all. It opens the door for us to tell the Greatest Story ever! We look forward to spreading more JOY! 

Steve Slaughter, President