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Grief and Loss (self help)

Grief and Loss

“The Answer Lies Within, A Journey Through Loss”
by Denise Snyder


A single parent and business owner who raised two sons, Denise lost her youngest son, Jerome, in 2003.  In 2005 and 2006 Denise was the Chapter Leader for the Orange Coast Compassionate Friends – a nationwide support group for parents who have lost children. In her endeavor to adapt to this enormous loss, as well as help others experiencing loss, Denise was driven to answers.

Denise shares her insight and experiences in her book, The Answer Lies Within, A Journey Through Loss.  This book inspires its readers to discover how they, too, can effectively confront personal challenges and transcend any situation with hope and courage.

  • How do you handle health challenges or mental, emotional, physical and financial stress?
  • What happens when someone you love dies?
  • How do you go on when you lose your dreams?
  • Discover how to survive, deal and adapt with these situations in life as Denise takes you on an amazing journey to find your truth and inner peace knowing that The Answer Lies Within.


“The inner journey to higher understanding that Denise has forthrightly described in this book can inspire its readers to discover how they, too, can effectively confront personal challenges and have the mental and spiritual peace they deserve to have.”

    — Roy Eugene Davis, has taught spiritual growth for more than 50 years around the world. His books are published in 10 languages and 11 countries.

“Denise has given the world a poignant description of her hurt and her path to healing. By having the courage to let the world into her private experiences, she has offered those who are still suffering a message of direction, options and hope.”

   —  Dr. Susan Fisher, Clinical Psychologist

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