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Family Wealth Leadership (wealth management)

Family Wealth Leadership

Kip Kolson, President
A Registered Investment Advisor

2 Venture, Suite 460
Irvine, California. 92618

Securities offered by NEXT Financial Group, Inc.
Member FINRA, SIPC CA. D.O.I. #0B00771
CA. Real Estate Broker #00952740

Phone: (949) 468-2000

What Makes Us Unique?
We are a wealth management firm and independent registered investment adviser, but we differentiate ourselves from other investment advisers and financial planning companies by providing a more comprehensive and holistic service. We coach, train and mentor the entire family and implement a strategic succession plan that allows each family member the opportunity to achieve their individual significance.  We help them increase, preserve, protect and transfer their financial wealth by first teaching families how to effectively transfer their spiritual and experiential wealth to future generations so they can perpetuate the family legacy.

How Do We Do This?
There are three major components to how we do this. First, we take the time to understand what is really important to our clients by conducting a focused and detailed interview utilizing penetrating questions that help clients clarify their feelings, objectives, family dynamics, and their current state. Second, we design a workable and understandable plan that addresses all of their issues. We help them negotiate and prioritize those issues so we can develop a time-sensitive action plan that includes composing a family wealth statement and creating appropriate entities and structures to implement the plan.

Finally, we implement the plan, then monitor, maintain and manage all of the activities and entities. We conduct family meetings and retreats so we can mentor and train all members of the family in the proper stewardship of the family legacy.

Coaching parents and children in investing, building, and working as a team to achieve a common purpose and a legacy of significance.