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Exotic Origins™ Coffee Company LLC

Exotic Origins™ Coffee Company LLC

Priscilla Broward, Vice President Sales & Marketing

217 Cedar Street Suite #231
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

Phone: (949) 939 8254

Exotic Origins™ Coffee "Taste the Exceptional Life"

Exotic Origins Coffee was developed by a collection of coffee experts and advocates from around the world offering a portfolio of coffees that vividly demonstrates the range and diversity of the finest global coffee terroirs. Each of our portfolio of coffees have been evaluated by panel Certified "Q-Cuppers" and must qualify at a rating of 88 points or above to become a part of our portfolio. Our portfolio from around the world is handpicked single plot farms of exceptional and extraordinary coffee.

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          Exotic Origins Product Family: Exotic Origins Coffee Company LLC
Doyo Seven Special Select
Ethiopia Kaldi Estate
Lekempti Am Harrar
Buna Hawisa Ceremonial Select
Menendez Family Estate
Jose Reinaldo Estate
Las Brisas Pacavita Estate
Bejarano Reserva Uno Finca Los Cedros

Garrido Family Estate Mama Cata Reserva Especial 
Suarez Estate La Prima Gloria
Suarez Estate Volcan Baru Indigenous
Hartmann Estate Reserva Ojo De Aqua (Geisha - Washed Process)
Hartmann Estate Reserva Ojo De Aqua (Geisha - Honey Process)
Bambito Estate Reserva
La Serrania Tumbaga
El Alto de Los Idolos

  • Our mission and vision is much greater than producing sustainable coffees at 88 points or above. Through our web site, consumers and channel partners can see exactly where our coffee comes from; learn about the farming families who grow it and how Exotic Origins Coffee Company facilitates transformational change in their lives.

  • The portfolio of coffees are rare, exotic and limited in supply. There is a certification seal specific to each box. Each production (box 1 of 500) is listed along with the Harvest.

  • Get ready for an eye-opening, palate-lifting and lasting coffee experience. Our coffees flourish and we emphasize the refreshing and bright tasting qualities of our beans. (Professional tasters usually describe this as the "acidity" of the coffee.)

  • Our milder roasting style liberates the natural flavor attributes of the bean; enabling you to discover the delicate mouth feels and savory sweetness in every cup.

  • Education of consumers and outreach to coffee farmers, their families and their communities is an essential mission and objective of Exotic Origins Coffee. We are passionate about our coffee, while developing lasting relationships with our farmers and customers all around the globe.

  • "Selecting a fine Exotic Origin Coffee should be as unique and personal as selecting wines for your cellar" Exotic Origins Coffee offers a portfolio of the highest grade small plot coffee farms from around the globe.

Each coffee is hand-selected for its unique taste and quality in the green bean form in once roasted. Exotic Origins is proprietary in their roasting techniques in order to deliver exceptional and extraordinary coffee to the cup. Exotic Origins is delivered freshly roasted to our customers direct.

Rare and exotic coffees rated 88 points or above Limited supplies Country of Origin The specific farm and terroir where the coffee is grown The harvest year The reserve or total pounds from the harvest The limited production (box 1 of 500) The romance of each farm Tasting notes similar to those in wine; Superlative; packaging Registered Certification seal specific to each box 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction Fair Trade and Organic.