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Health / Nutrition

Eden's Pulse

David High, Owner

6701 N. Bryant Ave
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73121

Phone:      (405) 478-4351

We are often asked why we treat our supplements with frequencies. There is a growing body of research that indicates that certain frequencies offer positive encouraging and beneficial results when introduced to the body. We know this is a new application and some may not agree with our approach. Therefore we also offer our supplements for $2.00 less per bottle without our frequencies. These untreated supplements are of the highest quality and are comparable to or better than any supplements you can find in the market. If you have any concern about our enhanced products then our untreated products will offer you the benefits of quality dietary supplementation at an extreme value.

As with our enhanced products our entire product line qualifies for our affiliate revenue sharing program. In order to clearly differentiate between our standard and frequency enhanced product lines we have clearly marked our products with the following symbols. Please observe these symbols when you order. Thank you for your confidence in our commitment not only to offer the highest quality supplements we can find, but also in our commitment to offer the most beneficial dietary supplements on the market.