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East-West Wellness Medical Center

East-West Wellness Medical Center

Dr. Yee Wing Tong, M.D.

18 Endeavor, Suite 304
Irvine California (CA) 92618

Phone:      (714) 556-8664

How chronic ailments are cured with east/west therapies Yee-Wing Tong, MD., a Caltech graduate and anesthesiologist trained at the USC School of Medicine, has innovated an east/west therapy that cures chronic ailments. He has presented this finding in medical meetings and has a weekly radio show since 2000 using patient testimonies to prove his remarkable results.

Thousands of cases on show that nearly all chronic ailments can be readily cured. In medical school he discovered the fallacy of drugs, which are chemicals that mask symptoms and ignore their causes. As a result, drug therapies entail endless use of harmful chemicals. To avoid this, he specialized in anesthesia and learned Chinese medicine. He has learned from Chinese medicine that it is the mind/spirit that provides healing energy, qi, to sustain body health. Qi flows with blood and heals disorders to keep tissues healthy.

Deleterious factors...trauma, stress, chemicals... cause blockages of qi/blood flow, or mind/body blockages (MBB), which deprive tissues of healing qi and result in symptoms. Acupuncture relieves spastic MBB, restores qi/blood flow and cures the symptoms. But it is not effective for severe MBB. Dr. Tong found that anesthetic nerve blocks can clear severe MBB. Combining the two, a therapy he calls Neuro-BioEnergetics, can produce dramatic results. Most of his patients have exhausted other therapies for years without result, yet they were able to get instant dramatic relief with his NBE treatment.

Typical cases described below can be verified by searching for patient’s name and diagnoses on
  • 65 y/o Judy attempted suicide twice due to 28 years of constant pain from two failed back surgeries that nothing had helped. In contrast, one NBE treatment provided profound relief. We eventually cured her pains along with fibromyalgia, depression, chronic lung, bladder, and yeast infections. She has taken no regular drugs for 18 years. 

  • 68 y/o Ruth took 120 units of insulin for diabetes yet her blood sugar (BS) was close to 300. She was legally blind and could not do housework. She fell often due to arthritis and back pain. She also suffered from incontinence and depression. Most of her pains were gone after one NBE treatment and she has not fallen since. Further therapies improved her diabetes so that she only needed 0-8 u. insulin to keep her BS at 100-150. Her eyesight also improved, enabling her to attend school full time. Her incontinence is virtually gone and depression also cured. 

  • 53 y/o Daud suffered from fatigue and napped 2-3 times a day. Despite wearing longsleeves undergarments in the summer, he still felt cold. He played 20 minutes of tennis and would sweat for 4 hours. He urinated 12 times at night with burning pain from prostatitis. He also had mood swings, anger, depression, constipation, and muscle cramps, amongst other symptoms. Within a year we cured these symptoms. His health was invigorated, enabling him to win a national championship in tennis at the age of 60. Daud stopped seeing us for 9 years and suffered a fatal heart attack (MI). He was revived and treated with a triple bypass. He had another fatal MI two years later and his body was frozen on alternate days. Amazingly, he recovered 5 days later, but was crippled with chest pain. He returned to us and within 4 treatments he could play tennis again. Even though his heart is 40% damaged, a year of NBE treatments increased his collateral circulation and improved his cardiac ejection fraction from 35 to 40. He exercises vigorously everyday and will be 70 in two months. 

  • 89 y/o Rodman was bedridden most of the time for 20 years, taking 8 different drugs and nasal oxygen daily for heart, lung, kidney and numerous pains disorders. He became comatosed with great breathing difficulty after a flu vaccine. One NBE treatment woke him up and he could walk unassisted as well as stop all his meds. Further therapies enabled him to be independent and active for 5 years. For 10 years, 

  • 14 y/o Andrew was on many drugs and inhalers for asthma, constantly taking constant bronchitis or pneumonia. He developed drug-resistant superbugs and a herpes infection. The first NBE treatment enabled him to breathe through his nose and stop all his meds, including the antibiotics. He was cured after 2 years of therapy and has been well for 20 years. 64 y/o Dick lost his memory and could not talk for 2 years. He regained his memory as well as his ability to converse and appreciate humor after 7 NBE treatments. 

  • 41 y/o Kay suffered severe side effects from chemotherapy for her breast cancer. Her white blood cell (WBC) would drop to 0-500 each time, despite drug therapy to boost WBC. NBE treatments relieved all her symptoms and raised the WBC to a normal 5000 each time. Her tumor shrunk from 6 cm to 4 cm after 10 treatments and she was eventually cured. 43 y/o Lon had terminal liver cirrhosis. Doctors at UCLA told him that he had 10 months to live without a liver and heart transplant. However, he was too sick to have the surgeries. Yet within three NBE treatments, his ascites, ankle swelling and other symptoms greatly improved. In addition, instead of being bedridden, he could walk up 4 flight of stairs each week when he came for our therapy.

    Similarly, Edward nearly died from terminal hepatitis and was placed on a liver transplant list. MRI also showed a cancerous lesion in his liver. He was too weak to even open his eyes. Yet one NBE treatment invigorated him, and a repeated MRI showed that the cancer lesion was gone! He started to lift weight after 4 treatments, and his viral titers dropped from the initial 362,000 to 118,000. These remarkable results are due to the restoration of health by enhancing blood circulation containing life energy qi. When the body dies, all functions are lost without any loss of material such as DNA or stem cells. It was the disconnection to the spirit, the source of qi, that results in death. 

Restoring health requires materials the body uses to maintain health, and not chemicals that must be eliminated. Moreover, a healthy person has no symptom, so curing a disorder requires healing all symptoms at the same time.

Also, western diagnoses are unhelpful in curing disorders, as they are merely labels of symptoms that reveal nothing about their causes. The good news is that all acquired ailments can be cured by clearing the MBB. For a long-term cure, patients are taught to adhere to a diet to alkalize body pH, and keep heat/cold energies in balance. Even though garlic has many health benefits, it adds heat to the body, and would ruin the balance and health of someone who is hot in nature or has hot flashes.

Finally, prevention is the best medicine. Patients should take periodic treatments to strengthen health. Dr. Tong was severely ill 10 years ago. NBE therapies saved his life, but he looked sick and aged. With regular NBE therapies, he is now healthier and appeared much younger.