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Earnest Smith, CEO

11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive, Suite 256
San Diego California 92128

Phone:      (858) 952-2352

It’s a "LIVE, Two Way, Social Media Network" deployed in a Retail environment and Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) Advertising on Mobile Vehicles.

What is RIAH Media? 
RIAH Media is a brand new innovative outlook on how customer service should be addressed. It stands for "Real-time Interactive Advertising Host".

We plan to simultaneously launch two RIAH Media systems, located at shopping centers in the Southern California market and two RIAH Media/Mobile system platforms as well. Of which we already have a functional prototype vehicle ready for production.

We connect a Camera (video conference equipment) to existing Digital Screens, Smart Phones/Devices and Desk Top Computers (via Internet), across the county. The Digital Screens, Smart Phones/Devices and Desk Top Computers connect to our Broadcasting Studio. The "LIVE, Two Way, Social Media Network" would employ LIVE Talent/Content, Advertisements, Product Knowledge and more.

We believe, through this technology, LIVE Video Walls will some day exist in all Retail, Sports, Film and Entertainment Industries. Once deployed, fans can meet their favorite celebrities (in the studio, celebrities/talent sees four or more remote locations) or sports figure in real-time. Advertisers experience great benefits.

The Gaming Industry The Gaming Industry is truly a market the RIAH system will be able to shine in. Game developers (Rockstar North, Bioware, Naughty Dog, etc.) along with game publishers (Microsoft, Sony, Rockstar, etc.) will be able to use our medium to test market their games and devices first hand and get instant feedback from consumers. Gamers located at our RIAH Media systems will be able to compete with other mobile RIAH Media system gamers in games that will not be available elsewhere for months or even years. After gaming matches, the gamers will be able to meet the game developers appearing LIVE on RIAHtalk for Question and Answer sessions.

For the first time being able to have there ideas and input have an audience with the gaming industry and hopefully become a part of the finished game. Gamers will be overjoyed and excited that they were able to be a part of an opportunity like this. Not to mention creating quite the hype & interest around the Gaming Industry. Development teams will be able to get direct feedback without having the gamer download anything.

This same model can also be applied to games that have just been released. Or even older games in order to regenerate interest. Contests, tournaments, and other events can just as easily be staged on these systems. Product Knowledge and Customer Service Customer Service is another aspect where RIAH Media will be able to perform exceptionally well. When not playing games or having celebrities appear on RIAHtalk, the RIAH system will provide customer support. At our broadcasting center we will have specialists waiting for you to walk up to the RIAH system and ask a question. The specialist will always be there ready to assist you in any way possible. If you need directions in the retail location, they can provide them. If you need to know which retail location is having the biggest sale, all you need to do is ask. Just like the celebrity RIAHtalk experience, they can see you and you see them.

Product knowledge is just as important to us here as well. Whether you need assistance finding a product or even a demonstration video on how to use an item, the specialist can pull it up within seconds. If they don't have the means to assist you with your question they can transfer you immediately to another agent who specializes in the field you need assistance in. They can also email you literature and brochures about specific products along with instructions and help guides. You will never have to wander around aimlessly looking for assistance. You'll always know you can get it instantly at one of our RIAH Media systems free of charge. The Film Industry and Celebrities The RIAH Media system will benefit.