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Bob Wieland - Motivational & Inspirational Speaker

Bob Wieland - Motivational & Inspirational Speaker

Phone:     (949) 973-3704

Among the Best Motivational Speakers - Bob Wieland Is Helping Many Groups to Unleash the Champion within!

Motivational speaker Bob Wieland has been chosen among the best motivational speakers by event planners for over 35 years and counting!
He has been helping many businesses and groups to unleash the Champion within, through his inspiring life and messages.

People Magazine called Bob Wieland "one of the six most amazing Americans of the past 20 years." How many people have biked or walked across America? Bob has done both ... with no legs. Through seemingly insurmountable adversity, Bob has persevered. From his miraculous recovery in the hospital, to his three-year, eight-month and six-day walk across America on his hands, Bob has proved his message that "Through faith in God, determination, and dedication, a person can achieve anything." He has always said, "The joy is in the journey." Bob is the only double amputee to coach in the National Football League. He shattered the world record for his weight division in the bench press on four occasions ... even defeating fully able-bodied men. He completed the grueling Iron Man Triathlon (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and 26-mile marathon) on his arms. He has no peers in human achievement. Bob lives his messages. He is known as one of America's most courageous, most powerful closing speakers!

One Step At A Time
Commando Warriors Are the Real World!
How To Be Up When You're Down
Beating The Odds
Strive For Success

Bob's topics include: conflict resolution; core values/belief systems; communication skills (verbal, non-verbal, listening); positive self talk; dealing with anger; self-acceptance; wellness/balanced lifestyle development; defining success; and many more.


  • Walked across America on his arms in 3 years, 8 months, 6 days in 1982-86
  • Former 4-time world record holder in the bench press with best lift of 570 pounds
  • Named "One of the Six Most Amazing Americans" by People Magazine
  • 1996, "The Most Courageous Man in America": The NFL Players Association and The Jim Thorpe Foundation
  • 1989, "Most Inspirational" Award: U.S. Marine Corps Marathon
  • Strength, Flexibility, and Motivational Coach with the NFL's Green Bay Packers
  • Completed the New York, Los Angeles and Marine Corp Marathons
  • 1996, completed 6,200 mile bike circuit, twice across America in conjunction with the Congressional Medal of Honor Society