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Real Estate (Buy/Sell)

CGF Real Estate Referral Program
Patrick Tenore, National CGF Real Estate Coordinator  


Phone:       (949) 856-9705

Real Estate Referrals

What's in it for me? First, there is no cost (period), next Cause benefit from Real Estate transactions. $0 cost to the Buyer and $0 to the Seller. Charitable donations are made through the generosity of CGF Certified Associates (CAs) Real Estate Agents, as a type of referral fee. 

How the CGF Real Estate Program Works!

  • Qualification: Become a CGF Certified Associate (CA): ($97 signup and annual renewal fee)

  • Referral: Identify a specific real estate need through friends, family, or acquaintances looking to buy or sell Real Estate.

    • Contact: Notify Patrick Tenore to find out if there is a real estate affiliate local to the client.
    • Broker: Patrick Tenore, National CGF Real Estate Coordinator
    • E-Mail:  
    • Phone: (949) 856-9705 

  • Communications: Patrick will respond to the inquiry to acquire pertinent information. All CGF contacts will be kept in the status loop via email or phone.

  • Inquiry/Interview/Follow up: Let Patrick know if there is a “Preferred” local agent, he will need to contact. Patrick will make the initial inquiry. The final candidate must agree to offer 25% referral to CGF. CGF will then compensate the referring CA and make a donation to a Cause.

  • Donations: Sent to CGF at the close of escrow by the qualified CGF CA Agent responsible for this transaction.

See Complete Program Details:

CGF Real Estate Referral Program CGF Real Estate Referral Program (843 KB)

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