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We provide Magnetic Induction Lighting to all commercial businesses wishing to reduce their monthly energy/electricity costs by as much as 40 to 60% with our lighting technology. Induction Lighting was invented by Nicolai Tesla over a hundred years ago. Our lighting has been tested by the the U.S. Department of Energy to last for over 100,000 hours or if used 12 hours per day no replacement will be necessary for over 20 years. Induction lighting will become a new standard as it is marketed and sold by our company which is the largest selling organization of induction lighting. This lighting is certified by Underwriter Laboratories. Our See the Light program makes it possible for any high energy usage business to test and prove our lighting over all other lighting products with no risk on their part. We offer induction lighting through out the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Special arrangements can be made to offer our lighting Off Shore/out of the U.S. Induction lighting is for parking lots, hotels, restaurants, casinos, schools, colleges, cities, highway systems and any facility that wants indoor lighting as well.

Behind the Technology - AGT Induction Overview

An AGT Induction lamp is a highly efficient electrode-less fluorescent lamp that works in much the same way as fluorescent but, instead of electrodes, which are failure points, a frequency generator energizes an external magnetic field. This in turn excites a gas filled vacuum tube to create a luminous circuit.

Under the theory of gas discharge, atoms from a solid mercury amalgam in the vacuum tube reach a high energy level and emit UV light. The UV light is then converted to visible light as it passes through a phosphor coating on the inside of the tube. Unlike standard fluorescent, induction does not have electrodes or other parts that wear out.

Induction has ultra long life, most often twice as long as LED, 5-13 times longer than metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps, and 5-7 times longer than standard fluorescent lamps.

Excellent lighting distribution, full-spectrum color, and crisp white light, produce much higher Visually Effective Lumens per watt in AGT Induction than LED, metal halide, fluorescent, or high pressure sodium lamps. Simplicity is the core of ultra-long life, AGT Induction Technology.

AGT Induction lamp

Lumen Depreciation For Various Lighting Technologies

Induction Lighting maintains lumen output with clean, crisp light, and no deteriorating color shift. Our vacuum sealed lighting vessel is stable throughout its 100,000 hour life. No other lighting technology out-performs AGT induction

Lumen Depreciation For Various Lighting Technologies

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