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Advocare (insurance)


Hal and Ruth Herlan
7356 Tooma Street 225
San Diego, California 92139

Phone:      (619) 475-5950

Advocare is the finest personal nutrition company in the world. They have an extremely high caliber Scientific and Medical Advisory Board. In addition there is also a very high caliber Sports Advisory Board. If this weren't enough, there are over 200 non-paid professional athletes who endorse the Advocare products, and Drew Brees is the paid National Spokesperson.

The company offers product lines that fit every desire. These include products for those persons who desire to lose weight, those who are active, those who seek or wish to just maintain wellness, and those who are performance elite minded. There is also a line of skin care products that are most effective. The Advocare products undergo an independent lab performing an average of 200 tests for banned substances and have proven to be free of these damaging substances. The label of "Informed Choice" is affixed to the products that have been randomly tested.

Besides providing a reliable nutrition product, Advocare offers a very successful monetary reward program. There are 4 ways to be involved and 5 ways in which to earn an income. The assistance of those who have been in the business of offering these products is remarkable. This CHRISTian based company is unsurpassed in the remuneration arena with many advisors earning in excessive of $100,000.00 per year for part-time work. This provides the opportunity for financial independence that is attainable by any person who decides to pursue this opportunity. The rewards allow a family to live well while providing a security to the children that many younger people don't have the opportunity of enjoying.