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ASEA, LLC (Nutrition)

(Athletes / Anti-Aging)
Pam Shurilla, Health Advocate

3725 South Sea Cliff
Santa Ana, California 92704

Phone:         (714) 815-4961

I am so excited to share my story...

In March of 2010, as a 50 year old wife and mom of two teen kids I believed that the level of health I had was normal.  All my life I had trouble breathing deeply when doing aerobic exercise, it hurt to breathe.  This made playing tennis very difficult.  I also had a problem making it to the restroom in time.  Some people affectionately call it a Leaky Tiki. Then I tried ASEA consuming 2 ounces in the morning, 2 ounces mid-day and 2 ounces in the evening on an empty tummy. Usually people start off with 4 ounces a day but I wanted to see if something would happen quickly.  I was so surprised after 3 days I was able to breathe deeply and I had no pain or difficulty going farther, faster and longer than I ever remember doing aerobic exercise.  Now I was all over the tennis court! Then after 2 weeks I was able to make it to the restroom in time.  No more Leaky Tiki!  I was so excited I bought 4 cases.

This is my ASEA miracle because consuming ASEA was the only change I made. I have been using extra amounts of ASEA before and after special athletic events and my recovery time is incredible, and I’m not the only one!

More Power to You

Word is getting out, and athletes everywhere are trying ASEA. They’re getting huge results, and they’re even submitting articles to magazines about the performance difference ASEA can make.

We’ve been reviewed on, and right now, there’s an article in Road Bike Action magazine about athletes who took a three-month trial of the product. What they found is exactly in line with what our research shows: that ASEA increases time to ventilatory threshold (the point in your workout when your body finds other energy sources because it can’t bring in enough oxygen to fuel your muscles) by an average of 12%, and with some individuals up to 30%.

What does that even mean? Read what Road Bike Action magazine says in plain English: “We could pedal harder longer and recover from repeated, 100-percent efforts in ridiculously short intervals.”

The science and the studies are there, with the numbers and the percentages and the data, all verifying what athletes who drink ASEA know by experience: ASEA supports improved performance, endurance, and recovery.

Just ask Jonathan Hollar, Ironman triathlete who added ASEA to his training regimen before a major Olympic duathlon race. “The last time I completed an Olympic duathlon my finish time was 2:55:00. That day it was 2:08:55! I came in second place overall. In previous races I never broke the top 100! I recommend ASEA to every person I meet!”

Athletes everywhere are getting these kinds of performance increases, with a product that has been thoroughly tested and found free of banned substances.

What could ASEA do for you?
If you are ready to see what kind of breakthrough you might have with ASEA, contact me at or 714-815-4961.  Not only are we willing to donate to the charity of your person, cause, or organization, but I am willing to offer personal Coaching for your own ASEA experience.  

When you purchase ASEA from this site: CGF's Select Group Member Russell A. Smith will directly benefit from every purchase you make.  For every case of ASEA Russ will automatically be provided financial assistance.

If you are not yet ready to have an ASEA experience and need more information, request as much information as you need and I will do everything I can to provide or direct you to the research, video or audio recording.

ASEA is the only patented product in the world that provides your body with Redox Signaling molecules, the native molecules essential to your cells’ ability to protect, repair, and replace themselves.  “ASEA is a saline solution containing trillions of Redox Signaling Molecules, making it the ultimate drug free operating system optimizer for all plants, animals and people.” Dr. David Carpenter, N.D., C. Ac.

As we age we produce less and less of these essential molecules.  In fact, if all my cells stopped making these nano sized molecules, with in minutes, I would no longer be here.

Drink enough ASEA to make a difference right away