Connecting Consumers with Merchants and
Causes in ways that benefit all since 1974!
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About Us

The Charitable Giving Foundation

Statement of Purpose

Make a Difference, by serving and enriching the quality of life for those in need!

Mission Statement

Help us to help others. Shop, GIVE and Earn while supporting charitable causes.

Customers Shop normally at CGF stores listed on our website. Customers never pay more and Causes receive cash from Merchants on % of sales — Win-win.

Earn residual income while simultaneously developing ongoing income to causes by consumers performing normal day-to-day shopping.

All purchases made through the CGF website benefit a Charitable cause and generate income for Certified Associates.

Presidents Message

The CGF is a company that has decided to make a difference, and has been doing so for over 40 years. Our concept has evolved from over years of research and development and stems from a deep seeded responsibility to leave this world a better place for all of our communities where we live, work, and play.

Our concept has been established and tested to support the charitable community and families through the United States. Though my many years of charitable giving, it has been my greatest joy to be able to generate and redirect over 100's of millions of dollars to worthy causes and organizations.

Throughout the years it has become increasingly importantly to listen and respond to the needs of America's consumers and charities. Because of our economic depression, never before have consumers held so much power with each single purchase. Our innovative program is designed to help improve the ways charities are funded, create customer loyalty for merchants, and allow committed citizens to support themselves and their families.

Our team trains and certifies individuals to become Certified Associates (CA's) across the country. CA's recommend and refer Causes and Merchants to our system to receive compensation for their efforts. We believe this system is a "Win-Win" for all that are involved.

With a new sense of urgency and excitement we continue to adapt and refine our program within the digital age.

Today, technology continues to innovate the way we communicate as a society. We are now adopting the advances in mobile and social technologies to help create greater access of communication for all involved with our network.

On behalf of our whole team, I would like to thank you for considering our program. We look forward to assisting any worthy cause that improves our communities and country.

Remember this is merely the beginning to the next era in giving… the Best is yet to come! Together, we WILL make a difference!

The CGF is a simple concept with a Big Heart and Unlimited Possibilities.

There are few callings in life more important than ‘helping others’ — this is our goal, with compassion and integrity. SHOP, GIVE and EARN… while supporting causes and individuals in need.

Since 1974, Founder & CEO John T. Carr has been establishing relationships with some of the largest and most influential causes in the United States, as well as developing partnerships with providers of quality Products&Services that people want and purchase on a regular basis.

Below is a video of John T. Carr, as one of the Keynote speakers at the In GOD We Trust~America Annual Conference in Bakersfield, California; a Non-profit organization where he is the Southern California Volunteer Representative.

John T. Carr, Founder of The Charitable Giving Foundation

John & Donna Carr, Founders

John and Donna CarrFrom humble beginnings, John & Donna grew up in the Midwest with Loving & Caring parents; who taught them Love and Good values.

Their concept was simple, they did the "Cause Marketing" between businesses and consumers, and when a consumer purchased a product or service a Donation would go to a Charitable cause. This was in essence the beginning of the Charitable Giving Foundation.

Over the years, they continued to develop, improve and perfect their concept. They worked in various capacities with Charitable organizations to help them generate donations and endowments to continue their important work. They expanded their program and discovered new ways for people to give to their favorite causes. This allowed people to contribute from their regular household purchases even if they did not have extra funds available to make a separate donation. They pioneered the concept of the “paid volunteer”(Certified Associate) so that these CA`s could be compensated to help Charitable causes to continue their good work.

This work has continued Since 1974, the Charitable Giving Foundation's motto is: “Together, we ARE making a difference!

Honorary Advisory Council

  • Ron Bailey - San Jose, CA
  • Norm Bour - Irvine, CA
  • Bob Chesney - Irvine, CA
  • Venna Bishop - San Jose, CA 
  • Lloyd Copenbarger - Villa Park, CA
  • Berny Dohrmann - Trinity, FL
  • Ron Ferrante - Dallas, TX
  • Ray Hahn - San Diego, CA
  • Rick Kasel - Porter Ranch, CA
  • Ron Klein - Sarasota, FL
  • Bob Landi - Las Vegas, NV
  • Fran Mainella, Clemson - SC
  • Trisha Marshall - Newport Beach, CA
  • Ed and Carol McClements -Santa Margarita, CA
  • Doug and Carole McClure, San Diego, CA
  • Dr. J.J. Meier - Big Bear, CA
  • Charles & Gwen Patrick - Los Angeles, CA
  • Dr. Mark L. Richardson - Dallas, TX
  • Don & Sally Rosenbloom - Scottsdale, AZ
  • Denise Snyder - Irvine, CA
  • Lillian Walker - Newport Beach, CA
  • Brandy Wells - Newport Coast, CA

Spiritual Advisors

  • Pastor Ron Bailey - San Jose, CA
  • Dr. F. Kenneth Beshore - D.D; Litt. D; D.SAC.TH.; PHD; TH.D. -Newport Beach, CA
  • Rev. Ron Ferrante, AAS, DCFS, CC, CPC - Dallas, TX
  • Ray Hahn - San Diego, CA
  • Ron Keller - Irvine, CA
  • David Komarnicki - Chester, PA
  • Rabbi Larry Feldman - Irvine, CA
  • Donald J. Nourse - Tustin, CA
  • Charles & Gwen Patrick - Compton, CA
  • Dr. Mark L. Richardson, BA, M.Div, D.Min - The Colony, TX
  • Stuart Orr - San Juan Capistrano, CA
  • Ken Unger - Huntington, Beach, CA
  • Steve Wiggins - Memphis, TN
  • Ronald Zaucha - Laguna Hills, CA

John Carr's Mentors

  • Dr. Bill Bright
  • Napolean Hill
  • Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
  • Earl Nightingale
  • William Penn Patrick
  • W. Clement Stone
  • Zig Ziglar

Our Team

John and Donna Carr, Founders
  • Bob Chesney, Digital Media
  • Lloyd Copenbarger, Legal
  • Lisa Hill, Social Media
  • Ed McClements, Student Fund
  • Doug McClure, Technology
  • Dr. J.J. Meier, General Media
  • Denise Snyder, Administrative

Bob Chesney, Digital Media Production

Bob Chesney Bob Chesney has been producing digital videos for decades; several of these videos can be seen right here on the CGF website.

"My Living Legacy" Bob's production company, is listed on the CGF website and they are currently working on new digital video productions to help us share the word of our Mission.

Lloyd Copenbarger, Legal Adviser

Lloyd CopenbargerLloyd Copenbarger opened the firm known as Copenbarger & Associates in 1979. Specializing in Estate Planning that often includes contributions to their favorite charities.

Lloyd and company manages the legal aspects of the CGF organization and his legal firm is listed on the CGF website under "Legal Services" Copenbarger & Copenbarger.


Lisa Hill, Social Media

Lloyd Copenbarger Lisa Hill's passion for service has always extended beyond the positions she has held both corporately and in healthcare. As CEO of a successful marketing company she has driven sales into the millions and created household brand recognition. With Lisa's multimedia creativity and business alliances she has brought the awareness to companies/brands/individuals both in the retail sector and ecommerce to the forefront.

Lisa has served on Foundation Boards involving "service" as well as community outreach on a international level. She has been involved in the worldwide crisis of anti human trafficking including both education, awareness and employing those recovering from being enslaved.

Lisa's decision to embrace the "conscious consumer" model to marketing/branding has allowed her to create the culture within corporate structures necessary for positive change. Working with companies to create brand recognition excites her but she coaches with the focus that a company that gives back and serves others is the true success. Lisa believes that the Charitable Giving Foundation is one of the most beautiful examples of branding those companies, individuals and businesses who truly are heart centered and create that global "change the Lord desires of all his children".

Ed McClements, Solar Energy Program

Ed McClementsEd McClements, ChFC, MSFS, CLU Senior Partner at Wright Realty Partners. General Manager - Professional Real Estate Investment & Financial Planning Group. Specialist in Leasing and Property Management, developer of the “Best Lease Report.” Specialist in Short Sale, Loan Modification, and Foreclosure ALTERNATIVES. Over 25 years of Real Estate and Financial Planning Experience. ChFC Charter Financial Consultant, Degree in 1984. MSFS Master of Science in Financial Services, Masters Degree in 1984. CLU Charter Life Underwriter Degree in 1968. Life Member Million Dollar Round-table. National Leader in Employee Benefits John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co-Founder of Dana Point Community Bank. Ministry on the Book of Proverbs

Doug McClure, Technology

Doug McClure - By Pass EngineeringDoug McClure CEO of By Pass Engineering Inc. an Information Technology Services company since 1990 specializing in Internet Business Development.

  • B2B/B2C eCommerce Business Development
  • Full-featured Internet CMS/CRM Business Solutions
  • Mobile-Ready (Responsive) Web Design
  • Corporate Identity Branding and Promotions
  • Email Campaigns and Drip Marketing Automation
  • Editorial, Article and Copy Writing
  • eLearning and eTutorial Production
  • PowerPoint and Interactive Presentations
  • Marketing and Communications (all channels)
  • Comprehensive Analytic Reporting
  • SEO/SEM/SMO Programs Management

By Pass Engineering Inc. - was the developer of the CGF website, branding, collateral materials, business operations structure and much of the content found herein. BPE is listed on the CGF website under "Internet and Social Media" By Pass Engineering

Dr. J.J. Meier, Media Consultant

Dr. J.J. MeierDr. JJ Meier is a well known consultant with a long list of successes in producing TV commercials and infomercials. She is also involved with the Angels in Waiting Charity which helps young infants abandoned by their mothers.

Dr. JJ Meier is listed on the CGF website under the category of "Motivational Speakers (Presenters & Trainers)".

Denise Snyder, Administrative

Denise SnyderDenise Snyder has many years of experience with high profile law firms as a Business Administrator and Paralegal. Her expertise is invaluable in supporting John to expand the Charitable Giving Foundation around the world. Denise's heart shines through to help people in whatever way she can and is an example of the principles on which the Charitable Giving Foundation was Founded.

Denise Snyder is listed on the CGF website under "Job Placement and Executive Search" Snyder & Associates and under "Books, News & Publications" Grief and Loss (Self Help)

Napoleon Hill's "Twelve Great Riches of Life"

  • Positive mental attitude
  • Sound physical help
  • Harmony in Human Relationships
  • Freedom from fear
  • The hope of achievement
  • The capacity for faith
  • A willingness to share one's blessings
  • A labor of love
  • An open mind on all subjects
  • Self-discipline
  • The capacity to understand people
  • Financial security

Standing On the Shoulders of Giants 

Original media production by Bob Chesney.